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1- Sorah Al-Fatihah ( The Opening )2- Sorah Al-Baqarah ( The Cow )
3- Sorah Al-Imran ( The Famiy of Imran )4- Sorah An-Nisa ( The Women )
5- Sorah Al-Maidah ( The Table spread with Food )6- Sorah Al-An'am ( The Cattle )
7- Sorah Al-A'raf (The Heights )8- Sorah Al-Anfal ( The Spoils of War )
9- Sorah At-Taubah ( The Repentance )10- Sorah Yunus ( Jonah )
11- Sorah Hud12- Sorah Yusuf (Joseph )
13- Sorah Ar-Ra'd ( The Thunder )14- Sorah Ibrahim ( Abraham )
15- Sorah Al-Hijr ( The Rocky Tract )16- Sorah An-Nahl ( The Bees )
17- Sorah Al-Isra ( The Night Journey )18- Sorah Al-Kahf ( The Cave )
19- Sorah Maryam ( Mary )20- Sorah Taha
21- Sorah Al-Anbiya ( The Prophets )22- Sorah Al-Hajj ( The Pilgrimage )
23- Sorah Al-Mu'minoon ( The Believers )24- Sorah An-Noor ( The Light )
25- Sorah Al-Furqan (The Criterion )26- Sorah Ash-Shuara ( The Poets )
27- Sorah An-Naml (The Ants )28- Sorah Al-Qasas ( The Stories )
29- Sorah Al-Ankaboot ( The Spider )30- Sorah Ar-Room ( The Romans )
31- Sorah Luqman32- Sorah As-Sajdah ( The Prostration )
33- Sorah Al-Ahzab ( The Combined Forces )34- Sorah Saba ( Sheba )
35- Sorah Fatir ( The Orignator )36- Sorah Ya-seen
37- Sorah As-Saaffat ( Those Ranges in Ranks )38- Sorah Sad ( The Letter Sad )
39- Sorah Az-Zumar ( The Groups )40- Sorah Ghafir ( The Forgiver God )
41- Sorah Fussilat ( Explained in Detail )42- Sorah Ash-Shura (Consultation )
43- Sorah Az-Zukhruf ( The Gold Adornment )44- Sorah Ad-Dukhan ( The Smoke )
45- Sorah Al-Jathiya ( Crouching )46- Sorah Al-Ahqaf ( The Curved Sand-hills )
47- Sorah Muhammad48- Sorah Al-Fath ( The Victory )
49- Sorah Al-Hujurat ( The Dwellings )50- Sorah Qaf ( The Letter Qaf )
51- Sorah Adh-Dhariyat ( The Wind that Scatter )52- Sorah At-Tur ( The Mount )
53- Sorah An-Najm ( The Star )54- Sorah Al-Qamar ( The Moon )
55- Sorah Ar-Rahman ( The Most Graciouse )56- Sorah Al-Waqi'ah ( The Event )
57- Sorah Al-Hadid ( The Iron )58- Sorah Al-Mujadilah ( She That Disputeth )
59- Sorah Al-Hashr ( The Gathering )60- Sorah Al-Mumtahanah ( The Woman to be examined )
61- Sorah As-Saff ( The Row )62- Sorah Al-Jumu'ah ( Friday )
63- Sorah Al-Munafiqoon ( The Hypocrites )64- Sorah At-Taghabun ( Mutual Loss & Gain )
65- Sorah At-Talaq ( The Divorce )66- Sorah At-Tahrim ( The Prohibition )
67- Sorah Al-Mulk ( Dominion )68- Sorah Al-Qalam ( The Pen )
69- Sorah Al-Haaqqah ( The Inevitable )70- Sorah Al-Ma'arij (The Ways of Ascent )
71- Sorah Nooh72- Sorah Al-Jinn ( The Jinn )
73- Sorah Al-Muzzammil (The One wrapped in Garments)74- Sorah Al-Muddaththir ( The One Enveloped )
75- Sorah Al-Qiyamah ( The Resurrection )76- Sorah Al-Insan ( Man )
77- Sorah Al-Mursalat ( Those sent forth )78- Sorah An-Naba' ( The Great News )
79- Sorah An-Nazi'at ( Those who Pull Out )80- Sorah Abasa ( He frowned )
81- Sorah At-Takwir ( The Overthrowing )82- Sorah Al-Infitar ( The Cleaving )
83- Sorah Al-Mutaffifin (Those Who Deal in Fraud)84- Sorah Al-Inshiqaq (The Splitting Asunder)
85- Sorah Al-Burooj ( The Big Stars )86- Sorah At-Tariq ( The Night-Comer )
87- Sorah Al-A'la ( The Most High )88- Sorah Al-Ghashiya ( The Overwhelming )
89- Sorah Al-Fajr ( The Dawn )90- Sorah Al-Balad ( The City )
91- Sorah Ash-Shams ( The Sun )92- Sorah Al-Layl ( The Night )
93- Sorah Ad-Dhuha ( The Forenoon )94- Sorah As-Sharh ( The Opening Forth)
95- Sorah At-Tin ( The Fig )96- Sorah Al-'alaq ( The Clot )
97- Sorah Al-Qadr ( The Night of Decree )98- Sorah Al-Bayyinah ( The Clear Evidence )
99- Sorah Az-Zalzalah ( The Earthquake )100- Sorah Al-'adiyat ( Those That Run )
101- Sorah Al-Qari'ah ( The Striking Hour )102- Sorah At-Takathur ( The piling Up )
103- Sorah Al-Asr ( The Time )104- Sorah Al-Humazah ( The Slanderer )
105- Sorah Al-Fil ( The Elephant )106- Sorah Quraish
107- Sorah Al-Ma'un ( Small Kindnesses )108- Sorah Al-Kauther ( A River in Paradise)
109- Sorah Al-Kafiroon ( The Disbelievers )110- Sorah An-Nasr ( The Help )
111- Sorah Al-Masad ( The Palm Fibre )112- Sorah Al-Ikhlas ( Sincerity )
113- Sorah Al-Falaq ( The Daybreak )114- Sorah An-Nas ( Mankind )

Random Books

  • Say as universe says Laa ilaaha illa AllaahIntroduction to history of polytheism and monotheism: Allah (glory be to him) created all people as Muslims and monotheists but devils came to them and changed and distorted their religion. Allah said in a qudsi hadith, “I created all my slaves as haneefs (monotheists), but the devils came to them, made them deviate from their religion, forbade them that which I had permitted to them, and commanded them to join partners with me for which I has given no authority.” As soon as people commit a type of polytheism, Allah sends his prophets to call them to the suitable type of monotheism.

    Formation : Ameen Al-Ansaari

    From issues : A website Knowing Allah :

    Source :

    Download :Say as universe says Laa ilaaha illa Allaah

  • The Global MessengerThe author said in his introduction, “The purpose of this small book is not to answer ignorant or hostile critics, nor is it to recount praises of our Prophet as countless Muslim authors have done so eloquently over the centuries. Rather, it is to present facts that are based on historically verified sources and then leave the reader to make his own decision, or if he desires, to investigate the matter further. The book is divided mainly into two sections, although the topics covered in both are interrelated and complimentary. The first acquaints the reader with information about the life of Prophet Muhammad and his global mission, while the second is concerned more with his teachings and way of life.”

    Reveiwers : Abu Adham Osama Omara

    From issues :

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    Download :The Global MessengerThe Global Messenger

  • The Call for the Unity of Religions: A False and Dangerous CallDr. Saleh As-Saleh said in the beginning of the book, "We hear nowadays a strange call by organized groups involving some Christians, Jews, and “Muslim” intellectuals calling for “wihdatul adyaan”. They claim that these three religions stand for the same belief that there is One God and should unite in their call for the implementation of great moral values. Some of those involved call for the establishment of centers containing churches, synagogues, and masaajid side by side, and printing the Qur’an, the Bible, and the Torah in one binding, etc. In the name of defending Islam against political and media distortions in the West, some organizations are compromising the basics of the Islamic creed through what is called “Bridging the Faiths.” This is a very dangerous call because it mixes the truth with falsehood and thus practically implies the elimination of the truth perfected in the deen of Islam. The Christians and Jews want the Muslims to be like them. That is why they support this deceptive call for “unity”.

    Formation : Dr. Saleh As-Saleh

    From issues : - Understand Islam Website

    Source :

    Download :The Call for the Unity of Religions: A False and Dangerous Call

  • The Good EndThe Good End: During his lifetime, man moves from one stage to the another beginning with childhood followed by his youth and ends with senility. During these stages, man encounters times of rest and distress as well as good health and other affairs. The author in this book has presented the causes of a good end i.e. eternal happiness etc.. One should not only remain hoping but he has to seek the means and ways to have a good end. Reading such books will help you to consciously seek to be one of the blessed people whom Allah will grant eternal happiness in Paradise.

    Formation : Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al-Mutlaq

    Source :

    Download :The Good End

  • Hell - A Vision from withinA very important series begins on the list today, concerned with the subject of al-Jannah and an-Naar - the Paradise and the Hell-Fire. One of these two will be the end destination; moreover the eternal abode, for each and every one of us. Therefore it is crucial for us to reflect on what Allah has prepared for mankind - for those who are obedient and recognise His favours, and for those who reject His sins and rebel against Him.

    Reveiwers : Muhammad AbdulRaoof

    From issues : - Islam Web Website

    Source :

    Download :Hell - A Vision from within

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